Hotels and resorts are always under construction or constant remodel. Hotels have gained significant advantage by adopting IP telephony, and can revamp their entire voice communications infrastructure to provide new features to guests and employees alike.

An IP telephone in a standard guest room is becoming the norm, rather than the exception. With color screens, multi-line functionality, and the ability to introduce marketing opportunities into the hotel room, the IP telephone has literally replaced its analog counterpart.

With the advent of VOIP technology any number of extensions can be added to the hotel network without doing any alteration in the existing cabling and new features can be introduced to better service the guests.

With a majority of guests being business persons, there is a large volume of long-distance and international phone calls made from the hotel which can be routed through the IP network leading to significant rates reduction.

A feasibility study on VoIP was carried out and concluded with the following two main points:

  • The VoIP voice quality is indistinguishable from the traditional phone calls.
  • Rates for VoIP calls represent a large saving, compared to the rates charged by the traditional telephone service providers.

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