Why Orionox

Orionox offers best Enterprise solutions which are considered as Industries 'Economical' and 'Secured' VoIP based solutions. Orionox has an edge with its patent pending technology in handling 'DOS' & DDOS.

Orionox provides complete , cost effective and secure communication services for banks, retailers, government agencies, educational institutions, or any company with branch offices. The under-mentioned verticals have experienced remarkable improvement in the communication and cost saving:

The Environment

  • Need for organizations to conduct secure VoIP communication on internet
  • Need for unified solution of Internet Phone (VoIP), Land Phone (PSTN), Cell Phone (GSM/CDMA), Instant Messaging (IM), etc.
  • Need for Low cost of maintenance and ownership across wide range of communications systems and also protect the legacy investment.
  • Need for savings in terms of improved business performance, faster time-to market, and shorter time for problem resolution.
  • The challenges like rising costs, competitive pressures, and the demands of customers or partners indicates a strong need to leverage the latest in technology and customize solutions to fit the needs of a business.

Orionox Solution

  • Protects from potentially catastrophic real time attacks and other misuse or abuse.
  • Unifies VoIP, PSTN, GSM/CDMA, Skype, MSN, Gtalk, etc.
  • Leverages existing infrastructure and provides unified system versus several disjointed applications.
  • Ideal for any size of company that wants to get the most out of its communications infrastructure or wants to gain the benefits of IP telephony.
  • Cost reduction, improved productivity, innovation, better collaboration and improved security are the measurable business benefits.

Key Benefits


Work from home

Users can have IP phone at home and in the office. Remote users have access to all of the features of the phone system and can work as efficiently as their colleagues in the main office. In this case when a caller calls user can pick-up the call at home or office.

Take your phone with you for instant accessibility

With VoIP phone number/extension travels with the phone. When you plug the phone into any internet connection you are instantly accessible on the internet from any where in the world. The same applies to soft phone using your computer.

Increased Accessibility

Reduces combined cost of telecom & IT infrastructure, as one can reach any one at any location with same office extension as long as that person is available using any phone or community VoIP like Gtalk, MSN and Skype, etc.

Customer Service

Integration with Community VoIP like Gtalk enables easy customer service by replacing or complementing Toll-Free number service. With Click-to-Call and Click-to-Callback, you can immediately connect a sales rep to your customers for making decisions and it is easy for your customer to buy from your company.


Eliminates high audio and web conference expenses with an easy to manage, internal solution that integrates with your phone system. Keeps information safe with a secured internal solution to web conference.

    2.Cost Savings/ Increased operational efficiencies

Simplified infrastructure

UCSS also connects to the PSTN network and functions as a standard PBX. It protects the legacy telecommunication investment and supports existing network. It meets all requirements for PBX replacement as well.

Low operating costs

UCSS is easier to alter and maintain. It provides VoIP integration of legacy analog devices and supports connectivity to fax machines, elevator phones, PA systems, etc. NetzGate support package provides ongoing updates. Phone support is available for general support inquiries, in addition to our automated ticketing system.

Phone bills

are instantly reduced because of the use of instant messaging and routing of phones calls over the private network between offices (free callings between facilities, least cost routing, etc.). Additionally, UCSG-iNG can be connected directly to Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) with low cost long distance and international calls. Remote Office feature helps organizations cut down telephone bills drastically.

    3.Scalability/Reliability/ Manageability

Expansion is flexible and seamless

Begin with a single office and extend IP telephony to your remaining organization in a timeframe that suits you. Further, it contributes to better asset utilization by using the data-networking infrastructure to carry both data & voice at the same time.

Future-proofed network

Standards-based system. ( ITUT, SIP, Jabber, DTMF, Codec's, TDM, ISDN, etc.). Compliant with FCC regulations.

Web based management and monitoring

Admin can easily manage the network centrally. The system provides comprehensive call Detail Records (CDR) for reconciliation of billing and tracking of system usage.Privileged users can monitor on going calls.

Increased productivity/availability/Security

Orionox solution boosts productivity by tying together applications like mobility, presence and messaging. Employees can be productive no matter where they are working inside or outside the office. Customer can quickly and easily locate the right person to answer their questions. It increases productivity and efficiency by integrating call handling with Microsoft Outlook, CRM systems, efficient call management and reducing call.

This deployment scenario fits well for medium sized enterprises having numerous geographically separated branches and require a solution for each individual office i.e., accessibility to head office and other branches with no additional communication cost over existing networks.

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