In a small or medium business office, each user has a PC and a telephone. The PC connects to local area network for business applications or printer services. The PC also connects to the Internet through, for example, a shared DSL link. The telephone extensions can reach other within the office and they also can reach outside through local public telephone company. This is a traditional office communication environment. With the advance of Internet services, business offices now can have simpler and better choice - convergent business communication solution.

The Orionox IPX based convergent networks not only address the data and voice communication needs in business offices, but also provide many other benefits. The Orionox IPX is an IP access router with security firewall capability. It can support many PC to work together and to access the Internet. Orionox IPX is a hybrid IP PBX supporting fax machines, analog phones, and IP phones for internal voice calls and inbound and outbound external voice calls.

Orionox IPX supports Orionox IP phones and any other IP phones that follow IETF SIP standards. With IP phones, office expansion and office move do not require any cable wiring and system configuration changes. Just plugging an IP phone to any Ethernet port, you will get it work right away.

Orionox IPX supports analog PSTN trunks to access the local telephone networks for local phone calls and emergency calls. It supports analog phone ports for any analog phones and fax machines. As local extensions, they can seamlessly work together with IP phones.

Orionox IPX supports VoIP lines that are the services from Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP). A normal public telephone number is associated with the VoIP line that can receive calls and make outbound calls in the same way as a PSTN line does. A VoIP line is a logic link over the Internet. Each VoIP line can support multiple voice connections simultaneously. In the cost of one VoIP line, an office can have voice trunk with large capacity, which means the office can never worry about issue of line busy. Many features such as caller id, 3-way calls, call transfer, voice mail and more are all built-in the Orionox IPX and they are available to every user in the office without any service cost.

In Orionox IPX, you can configure many VoIP lines. Some ITSP offer free domestic calls and others offer flat rate international calls. Orionox IPX has intelligent call routing capability. When office user makes an outbound call, based on the destination, Orionox IPX can select appropriate VoIP line or PSTN line to complete the voice call. To further take advantage of VoIP line and associated international plan, a user with mobile phone can call in through a PSTN line or a VoIP line and then call an international destination from the Orionox IPX using one of proper VoIP line that has good plan.

Orionox IPX supports voice mail boxes and it can also convert voice messages to emails. Orionox IPX can automatically distribute incoming calls to a group of extensions based on a preferred policy. Important live conversations can be recorded into voice database. Many advance feature and services are optional to small and medium offices.

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