Wireless VoIP phonescan be added so that caregivers can communicate when mobile. It's also testing multimedia IP applications to improve scheduling efficiency and eventually allow physicians to conduct patient consultations via videoconference.

IP PBXs, unlike their proprietary circuit-switched counterparts, convert phone numbers to IP addresses. IP addresses can be assigned automatically by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol servers when phones come online and even when users "log in" to remote phones on the VoIP network.

Moving IP phones requires little more than unplugging them from the back of a PC or Ethernet switch port and plugging them in elsewhere.

In the circuit-switched world, moving entails PBX line-card changes, programming and technician time for changing cabling cross-connects. The whole process can take several days.

Any caregiver can be available on a single extension even if he/she is moving around. The doctor's extension can be tied to his mobile number, call can be transferred to his phone directly through IP wireless network without the use of public communication service.

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