International Trading

A trading Company with some designated suppliers and resellers. The suppliers and resellers are in different countries in North America, Asia and Africa. International phone calls and fax transmission is a big part of operation cost to any training organization . Trading companies desire some low cost communication between trading company offices and their overseas offices and partners' offices. It will help them to significantly reduce their communication expenses. Orionox provided a solution wherein it configured a VoIP service line on its Orionox IPX. The VoIP service was obtained from www.myIPX.net. The rates of international calls from VoIP service providers are significantly lower than traditional telephone companies. VoIP service lines helped Trading organization to reach anywhere in the world. Typical schematic diagram of any trading organization is explained below.

International Trading

This network which used internet as a communication media made phone calls and fax between the trading company and its partners completely free. A PSTN line in remote country was assigned on the IPX and dedicated to the organization which made possible for any one in that partner'office to call the local number to reach parent organization . Orionox bind mobile phone numbers to the IPX in each office, calling an internal short number will remote reach mobile phones directly. Call routing policy was configured which made international calls to the countries where partner reside as local calls within those countries.


  1. The organization maintains close relationship with its partners which help to promote business.
  2. There is no cost for phone calls FAX between the parent organization and its partners.
  3. At any time, mobile phones can be reached with only local cost.
  4. The organization virtually has an office in all the countries where it has partners. This led to more penetration in those countries.

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