The exclusive product from Orionox <(www.Orionox.com)>in IP telephony.

Orionox researches and develops business communication systems focusing on hybrid IP PBX, VoIP terminals, and data VPN servers. Orionox IPX is the registered brand and Orionox IPX product family provides convergent voice and data network solutions to SMB's (Small and Medium Businesses), large enterprise businesses, government offices, and emerging ITSP's (Internet Telephony Service Provider).

Orionox is an innovative and comprehensive branch solution that enables branch offices and provides full advantage of VoIP technology across multiple locations, while providing additional benefits in terms of data networking connectivity and security.

Orionox innovative technology helps you manage your phone system across the entire enterprise without compromising reliability. The system not only provides immediate cost savings, but enables applications that allow your employees to work more collaboratively and efficiently. Employees will be accessible irrespective of location and increases their productivity, even when branch offices are miles away from each other.

Orionox is easy to use, maintain and is deployable with no disruption of service and with out on-site interoperability testing.

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