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myIPX.net Service

Orionox sponsors a VoIP service platform, www.myIPX.net, which helps Orionox IPX users to reach telephones and mobile phones anywhere in the world. The resources of the platform were contributed by Orionox IPX users and thus the cost of international phone calls could be significantly lower than some commercial ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) networks.

From every Orionox IPX, user can dial *** + country code + phone number to reach the destination, if the user has an account on www.myIPX.net. User could review his account balance, status, and call details from web portal of the service platform.

If a Orionox IPX user is in a country where VoIP traffic is blocked and the user has an ITSP account from a different country, the user can reroute VoIP traffic from the Orionox IPX system to www.myIPX.net, then to the ITSP network through the user's ITSP account. In this way, Orionox IPX users in a country disallowing VoIP could reach anywhere using his preferred ITSP account.

For an Internet Telephony Service Provider, if the ITSP would like to extend voice service business to enterprise customers in a country that disallows VoIP applications. The ITSP can become a voice service partner with www.myIPX.net.

www.myIPX.net and its sponsor Orionox do not provide any legal liability for using myIPX.net service outside of the United States of America. For more information, visit www.myIPX.net or send email to sales@Orionox.com

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