Enterprise Network

It is common today that many enterprises have branch offices in different cities and sometime in different countries. With a branch office in a remote location, an enterprise could provide better service to customers there; in other cases an enterprise could use inexpensive labors at a remote location to provide global services. The convenient communication between remote offices of an enterprise is the key to efficient management and high productivity of the organization. Traditionally, setting up and maintaining an enterprise internal voice network across remote sites is a sophisticated and expensive task. Orionox IPX series products are designed to help small and medium enterprises to easily establish voice and data networks in a very cost effective way.

Orionox IPX family has many series. Each IPX series have different scale and capacity. In an office, a Orionox IPX is selected based on the number of users. The IPX connects to local PC's and phones, connects to DSL or other access device for Internet, and connects to local PSTN or ITSP (Internet telephony service providers) for voice services.

Setting neighbor relationship between Orionox IPX systems between remote offices is a very trivial task. IPX can authentication with each other by their domain name, IP address, or password. Once the neighbor relationship is established among the IPX systems, an enterprise data and voice intranet is ready to use.

Even without using leased PSTN lines or dedicated Internet links, Orionox IPX can help to setup a secure enterprise intranet on the top of public Internet. This removes the cost burden of carrier's solution, especially when remote offices are in different country.

Using the Orionox IPX based intranet, the PC's and phones at different locations can reach each other as if they were in the same office. The inter-office communication is convenient, secured, and free of charge. Orionox IPX supports many IP PBX services such as conference calls, call park, call distributions, IVR, voice mails. Now, these IP PBX service can be extended to remote sites. For example, a call can be transferred to a remote extension; one front desk can serve whole organization including remote sites; an internal phone number can float among offices.

Each IPX in an office may have local PSTN lines or Internet telephony services. They do not only belong the local office but also can be shared by remote offices within the enterprise intranet. With Orionox IPX's intelligent call routing capability, extensions at any location can make external calls to any other city, where a remote office locates, just like local calls.

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