Call Center

Many organizations and enterprises have call centers. A call center usually has group of trained representatives to provide customer services. Orionox IPX systems can be used to build flexible and cost effective call centers.

A call center usually has a toll free phone number or some local phone numbers for customer to make free phone calls for services. In Orionox IPX, a call center can use traditional PSTN lines or digital E1/T1 trunks to have connections to the public voice networks. Nowadays, VoIP lines or VoIP trunks become more popular since the capacity, in terms of simultaneous calls, is much bigger.

A call center can define its own IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, including the voice pieces of any language and menu structures of any size. A call center can also define its own ACD (Auto Call Distribution) strategies to fairly assign incoming calls to proper representatives. Three call distribution strategies are orderly selection of an available attendant, simultaneously rings to all available attendants, or choosing the attendant with longest idle time.

Conversation between a customer and the call center can be recorded based on predefined recording plans or by on demand live recording instructions. The recorded conversations are saved in a separate server and can be retrieved, reviewed, and manipulated through voice management system.

A simplest call center can be a small office at one location, which just needs one Orionox IPX and some local telephone lines. A bigger call center can have branch offices in other cities or other countries so that business operation cost can be significantly reduced while service quality is kept the same as they were all in one location. For example, the customers to be served are in country A, but labor cost in country A is high. The call center can set up offices in country B and C. Country B and C have lower operation cost and have geographically 12 hour time difference to provide 24 hour services without people working overnight.

Orionox IPX offers many flexible ways to build cost effective call centers.

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