Ports       Capacity      
Model FXS FXO LAN WAN IP Phones VoIP Lines VoIP Trunks PC
P202-0 2 0 1 1 8 8 8 8
P201-1 1 1 1 1 8 8 8 8
P200-2 0 2 1 1 8 8 8 8
Power AdaptorDimension (mm)
AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz102x77x23

1. Hybrid IP PBX: analog lines, VoIP lines/trunks, analog phones, and IP phones

2. PBX Capabilities: auto attendant, caller ID, call forwarding/transfer/waiting/hold/park, 3-way

3. Voice Intranet: VoIP peering, global virtual PBX, remote resource sharing, secured voice

4. Advanced Call Routing: flexible dial plan, calling policy, best path selection, number manipulation

5. Advanced Services: IP fax, voice mail/email, customizable IVR, ACD, voice recording, alarm/wakeup cal

6. VoIP Gateway: FXS/FXO gateway, work with legacy PBX and PSTN, line hunting

7. IP Access Router: DHCP service, DNS service, NAT/Firewall, VPN service

8. Management: built-in domain name, web based remote management, network monitoring center

Products highlights

The Orionox IPX P200 is the next generation of IPX P100. It is the smallest hybrid IP PBX in the world.

1. P201-1 has one FXO port used to connect to PSTN and one FXS port for an analog phone or fax machine. The PSTN line can be used as a backup line when VoIP lines are down, or for local emergency calls. During a power outage, the power coming from the PSTN line will be able to drive the analog phone on the FXS port.

2. P200-2 has two FXO ports that are commonly used for PSTN connections. If VoIP service is not available, small businesses often need more than one PSTN line to support IP phone extensions to make external calls. P200-2 does not have FXS port for analog phones or fax machines.

3. P202-0 has two FXS ports and no FXO ports. It is a good choice for users who would like to keep a valuable analog phone such as 2-line front desk phone. Usually, VoIP subscriber lines will be needed for external calls. P202-0 can also be used as a simple VoIP gateway, one VoIP line for each analog extension.

IPX P200 is frequently used in small offices with up to 8 people. It can join an enterprise network and make a small or mobile office a part of an organization. IPX P200 can be used to build a family network when some family members are in different countries.

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