Ipx Server


1. T1/E1 VoIP gateway. IPX S6300 supports 1, 2, 4 T1/E1 interfaces running PRI protocols. The DS0 channels can be grouped into different logical interfaces to meet different capacity requirements. As a VoIP gateway, the IPX S6300 connects VoIP networks to local PSTN network for large enterprises. If 4 E1 interfaces are used, it can support 120 concurrent voice calls. One or multiple such systems can be used to provide VoIP termination services for emerging Internet telephony service provider networks.

2. IPX S6300 supports unlimited numbers of VoIP lines and VoIP trunks. It is a VoIP routing device that routes voice calls between different VoIP domains through VoIP lines, VoIP trunks, and T1/E1 trunks, all while hiding VoIP network topologies from one network to another. When using the source routing capability of the IPX S6300, voice traffic from certain originating devices and from certain arriving interfaces can be aggregated. The aggregated traffic can be applied with a user defined policy and digit mapping method on caller numbers and called numbers. Based on this policy, an available forwarding routing path will be selected considering cost and quality. The powerful soft-switch capability makes it a good choice of key server system in Internet telephony networks.

3. When Orionox IPX S6300 works with Orionox Accounting and Billing server, IPX S6300 can authenticate each call and only complete a qualified call based on its account stand in the accounting and billing server.

4. For a large enterprise VoIP network, IPX S6300 can be used as a central VoIP server to serve IPX PBX devices such as P100, P200, Office, H500, H600, and B1000 systems for easy management of network and for voice call aggregation. Up to 1024 IPX PBX devices, which means over 10,000 end users can be supported by a single IPX S6300.

5. IPX S6300 has the conference bridge capability built-in and supports 16 concurrent conferences, each of which can have 64 participants. Since IPX P100, Office, and H500 do not have on-board voice mail service, IPX S6300 can be used as a large volume voice mail server for VoIP end users. A user can dial-into his voice mail box using any telephone or use an online Internet browser to log into his voice mail box to check and manage voice messages.

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