How to Rescue IPX Systems?

How did an IPX System get into a bad state?

Orionox publishes newer versions of IPX software either to enhance product performance or to provide more features; Orionox also fixes known bugs to provide customers with quality IPX system.
Registered Orionox IPX users can download the latest IPX software from the www.orionox.com to your local PC. You need to select the correct product model and software version before downloading the IPX software.
Incremental Upgrade v.s. Full Software Upgrade
IPX incremental software upgrade only applies a small software change between two nearby versions. Incremental updates are quick and efficient.
A full upgrade replaces the entire existing software package with a new version. It could take up to 30 minutes to complete. You may required to do a configuration again after a full upgrade.
Step by Step: Software Upgrade

Gather your product information from System Management page, such as the product model and the current software version.
Download the IPX software to a local PC based on the availability of IPX software on www.orionox.com and your preferred version.
Backup configuration to a local PC. The configuration could be restored to the IPX after software upgrade. You may need to write down the key configuration data on paper just in case the restoration fails. In such case, you need to configure IPX manually.
Follow the intuitive instructions to upgrade software. If you are doing a full software upgrade, please be patient since the process takes up to 30 minutes. It is critically important that you do not power off the IPX system during the process. The system will reboot itself. When LAN light is up and a dial tone can be heard from a local telephone, the software upgrade is completed.
Restore the IPX configuration. You connect to the IPX using previous IP address or a system default address You will need to examine if the configuration remain the same as before. If necessary, you might need to restore your saved configuration or manually reconfigure the system.

What If an Upgrade Fails?

In the process of incremental upgrade or in the early stage of a full upgrade, you can reboot the IPX system when you see error messages.


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