Ports       Capacity      
Model FXS FXO LAN WAN IP Phones VoIP Lines VoIP Trunks PC
B1016-0 16 0 1 1 64 64 64 64
B1012-4 12 4 1 1 64 64 64 64
B1008-8 8 8 1 1 64 64 64 64
B1004-12 4 12 1 1 64 64 64 64
B1000-16 0 16 1 1 64 64 64 64
Power AdaptorDimension (mm)
AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz360x180x35

1. Hybrid IP PBX: analog lines, VoIP lines/trunks, analog phones, and IP phones

2. PBX Capabilities: auto attendant, caller ID, call forwarding/transfer/waiting/hold/park, 3-way

3. Voice Intranet: VoIP peering, global virtual PBX, remote resource sharing, secured voice

4. Advanced Call Routing: flexible dial plan, calling policy, best path selection, number manipulation

5. Advanced Services: IP fax, voice mail/email, customizable IVR, ACD, voice recording, alarm/wakeup call

6. VoIP Gateway: FXS/FXO gateway, work with legacy PBX and PSTN, line hunting

7. IP Access Router: DHCP service, DNS service, NAT/Firewall, VPN service

8. Management: built-in domain name, web based remote management, network monitoring center

Products highlights

Orionox IPX B1000 is a new product in the Orionox IPX family. It has the same functionality as H600, but with double the capacity. IPX B1000 is a hybrid IP PBX with rich PBX features and advanced unified communication services. It is designed for medium size businesses. Voice recording, on-board voice mail, customizable IVR, and user defined ACD will help customers to easily set up a medium size call center.

IPX B1016-0 has 16 analog phone ports and can be used as a medium size VoIP gateway for local PBX/phone connections. IPX B1000-16 has 16 PSTN ports and can be used as a VoIP gateway for local PSTN access. As an advanced IP PBX, B1000 offers much more intelligence than normal passive VoIP gateways. B1000 has strong call routing capabilities. In an enterprise network, it can serve many other IPX systems and VoIP gateways; it can aggregate voice traffic for accessing public network through common voice trunks-analog trunks or VoIP trunks.

Since B1000 offers more PSTN ports, it is particularly useful in countries where VoIP service is not available. The 16 PSTN lines offer a high concurrency level when many internal IP phones and remote extensions are used in a voice intranet.


The IPX B1000 can be customized to have different sizes of permanent storage to meet the requirements of advanced applications and services.

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